The photo above shows the author standing on the edge of the Tuwaiq escarpment that runs like a north-south spine bisecting central Arabia.  This shot was taken about 40 miles west by slightly southwest of Riyadh.  Another section of the escarpment can be seen in the near distance.  In the far distance is the small town of  al-Muzahimiya. 

The photos above and  below shows sections of the Babylonian era wall (6th century B.C.) in Tayma, Saudi Arabia. 

The photo below shows what's left of the 4,000 year old Royal Palace of Mari.  Northern Syria near the Euphrates River. 

Below shows the author standing in front of the Ziggurat at Mari


This sandstone formation below is thought by the locals to be Lot's wife where she was turned into a "pillar of salt" according to the Old Testament.  This sandstone "pillar" is found in Jordan, just west of the Dead Sea and near where Sodom and Gomorrah were supposed to be located. 

The only tree still standing for hundreds of miles in any direction in Saudi Arabia's empty quarter.  Note the confederate flag on the white land rover.

A pause for rest, and a photo op, while exploring the western edge of the Empty Quarter. 

Breaking camp in the morning--in the middle of the Empty Quarter. 


A petroglyph scratched into a rock wall in a secret valley we discovered in a place called B'ir Hima, west of Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter, and N.E. of the city of Najran.  The petroglyph was either of an ancient deity, or the chief "alien."  Take your pick.

The author pausing for a photo op with his Jeep in the midst of the towering sand dunes of Qawnus, western portion of Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter. 

The photo below shows another portion of the Tuwaiq escarpment.  This spot lies 30 miles or so to the northwest of Riyadh.

The photo below shows the author examining 3,000 year old graffiti on the remains of a 4,000 year old pillar which was once part of a temple probably to the sun.  Located near the town of Rajajil in northern Saudi Arabia near the larger city of Sakaka. 

Below shows another view of the 4,000 year old ruins at Mari 

Pausing for rest in the middle of the Syrian desert between Mari and Damascus.  Note the Sand Ladders on the front of the author's Jeep.  You never know when you might get stuck when you're out in the middle of the desert. 


At the edge of the Petrified Forest (dating from a Pleistocene age forest), located south of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and on the northern fringes of the empty quarter.

Our camp in the North West of the Empty Quarter.  The owner of the white Land Rover and the Confederate Flag was a Brit.  Something iconic about a Brit flying the Confederate flag in the middle of the Saudi Arabian Empty Quarter.  Notice also our portable, fold-up tables. 

Surfing sand dunes in the Empty Quarter.  This shows why sand ladders are just a necessity in the deep desert. 

The author transcribing ancient South Arabian graffiti in another section of B'ir Hima, west of the Empty Quarter. 

A pair of stray camels, just west of Qawnus, Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter. 

Above is a picture of a natural sphinx.  The most unusual rock formation I've ever seen.  Notice the human face, lips, nose, chin, everything.  This sphinx stood guard at the entrance to our "secret valley" where we camped one night at B'ir Hima.  Just behind where I am standing taking this photo is the rock carving of the "alien" seen to the upper left of this photo.