NOTE:  Paperback copies of this author's books are no longer available through Amazon due to Amazon's blocking the author from accessing his account.  Copies of actual books can be purchased only through personal appearances by the author, or via e-mail.

The author's new book, "THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS 2.0:  THE ARAB/ISLAMIC VIEW" is completed and is now looking for a publisher. 



To contact the author for purchasing a book, booking a talk, panel discussion, or book signing, e-mail:

Lastkingofbabylon at gmail dot com, or Barrywebb3 at hotmail dot com.



Arizona Daily Independent (04 Oct. 2017).



October (date TBD), the author will be presenting a slide show to the Tucson/Marana branch of the ACT for America group.  The title of the talk will be "DA'WAH, the call to Islam.  What it is, how it works, and why it is ten times more dangerous than terrorism."  After the talk there will be a Q and A session.

November 28, 2018, Wed., the author will be presenting a slide show to the Yuma County Republican women.  The title of this talk will be "SPIES, LIES, SEX . . . AND MURDER?  COMEY, MEULER, BRENNAN, AND THE STEELE DOSSIER:  THE UNTOLD STORY." 
There will be a Q and A session after the talk.  After the Q and A session the author will be selling and signing copies of his book "CONFESSIONS OF AN (EX) NSA SPY:  Why America and its allies are losing the war on terror.
The Kindle version is available for $5.99//The paper back sells for $20.00
The Nook version is also available for $5.99 through

What are the long-term, overarching historical laws and trends that tell us the West is doomed?

Why is "Climate Change" not a national security issue, but the hysteria over it is?

What intelligence failures, if any, led to 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, San Bernadino, and other terrorist acts on our soil?

Why did we turn Iraq over to Iran?

Why did we go into Iraq in the first place?

Did we create ISIS?  If so, why?

Why do virtually all Middle Easterners across the board think that the U.S. is a major sponsor of terrorism?

Is Islam truly a "religion of peace?"

Why does Washington exert such Herculean bipartisan efforts to misunderstand these issues?

What are the Islamic prophecies driving recruitment for groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda?

Why driving ISIS from the battlefields of the Middle East will not be the end of the war on terror, no matter what our government says.

All of these issues and much more are discussed in this, the only counter-terrorism book on the planet  that  pulls it all together and connects all the dots.